Sophia Radisch Filmography

B-Longs” Produced, Written and Directed by Caro Ibrahim
Cast: Lead Young B
Original Film Sound Track “Please Don’t” Written and Performed by Sophia Radisch


Thirteen Downs” Written & Directed by Karim Ayari Quixotic Entertainment Feature Film Producers: Nina Bains & Shawn Kazda
Cast: Lead Lilly
Opened the Ottawa International Film Festival August 16, 2012
Sophia Radisch Original song Rain Down On Me performed in character Lilly & included in film

“I Can” Music Video Accepted into the Ottawa In international Music Video Competition 2012 and premiered at The Ottawa International Film Festival August 19, 2012

Battle Reels” Commercial for Canadian Digi Film Festival Produced by Taylor Creek Enterprise Centre and Symphonic Filmworks
Produced by Jim E.M. Miles & Directed by Kevin Friel Cast: Child Soldier

The Helping Hand” PSACommercialProducer/DirectorRichObengTGFFilms
Cast: Lead Melody

Homecoming” Short Film Written by Jolanta Mojsej & Martin Ariel Roderiguez Directed by Jolanta Mojsej Growl Productions/Produced by Ken McDavitt Quinte Video Productions for the Ottawa International Film festival 2012 Cast: Lead Amber
Short Film Winner/Voted 3rd place Audience Choice Awards & Film accepted into NYC Short Film Festival

Caribbean Reboot” Short Film Produced & Directed by Jim Miles for the Carivibe Festival
a Taylor Creek Enterprises production Cast: Background Performer & Performed Movie Soundtrack Theme Song (Credits)

The Mind’s The Matter 2” Producer Peter Egan & Mike Stasko; Directed by Mike StaskoS4Potential Productions Cast: Lead Stephanie

Truth or Dare” Short Film Produced and Directed by Derek Price & Emily Ramsay Say Ten Productions Cast: Lead Ellie

Addicted” Short Film Produced and Directed by Claudia Jurt A.C.T. Ottawa Sophia Radisch Original Song J.B. Written for film and Performed by Sophia (Alyssa) as Movie Soundtrack Song Cast: Principal Character – Alyssa S xt.