Sophia Radisch | July 6, 1998

Sophia Radisch (b. July 6,1998) is a Canadian rocker, singer-songwriter, recording artist and musician. She garnered recognition by the epic and legendary Guitar Player Magazine, and is celebrated in their “50 Year Celebration December 2017 Holiday Issue”.

She is a contributing editor for Guitar Thrills Magazine. She has been granted an author credit in Canadian Musician Magazine, where her guitar column “Finding Your Passion” is featured in the March/April 2018 edition. She is a panelist for Canadian Musician Magazine’s guitar feature “The Young Guns” in the May/June 2018 issue. Sophia attended Canadian Music Week 2018, as a part of NWC’s Canadian Musician Magazine team.

Sophia has worked and recorded live off the floor with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Rob Fraboni (The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan). She has collaborated with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Narada Michael Walden (Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey).

She is a Gibson Guitar, Orange Amps, and GHS Strings endorsee. She is sponsored by American Hat Makers; styled by Ruby Roxanne Designs and Adam Rose Tattoo.

Sophia opened the iconic and legendary Canadian RBC Ottawa Bluesfest’s mainstage on July 10th, 2022. She performed on the RBC Mainstage; opening for Garbage and Alanis Morissette. Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest is ranked in the world’s top ten most successful music festivals (Billboard Magazine).

She performed at Ottawa’s popular and celebrated CityFolk Fest on the TD Stage, opening for The Blue Stones and The Glorious Sons on September 9th, 2022.

In the weeks leading up to the festivals, Sophia gained a major press feature in Canada’s national newspaper, The Ottawa Citizen, by the distinguished and highly acclaimed entertainment writer Lynn Saxberg.

She was interviewed and performed live off the floor on CBC Radio’s show “All In A Day” with Alan Neal, the prominent and celebrated host of Ottawa’s favourite drive home show, on CBC Radio One, hours leading up to her CityFolk performance.

She’s performed on the Gibson Stage at the Gibson Showroom, CES show in Las Vegas, Nevada and on the Gibson Stage at the Gibson Showroom, NAMM show in Anaheim, California.

Sophia has made guest appearances at the Gibson Guitar/FOX5 Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has performed at world renowned venues in Hollywood, California.

“Sophia Radisch is the kind of songwriter and performer blessed with a golden voice and universal appeal who understands her musical vision and brings an undeniable talent to the process. She’s a joy for any listener to discover – a soul trader in genuine energy, aiming straight for the heart. Sophia turns a watchful eye to the pageantry of emotion, the drama of love and the mysteries of everyday life with a disarming mixture of sincerity and cosmic insolence, unapologetically romantic, spinning golden threads of lyric and melody, each inflection and melisma planned and considered, each word tailored for meaning and effect. She delivers it all with carefree charm and nearly divine intuition. Her voice, at times so ethereal, is shot through by strength and sinew and just a hint of transient grit. The feeling is cut deep, leaving any listener thunderstruck and enchanted.” Review by Rick Jamm, The Independent Music Magazine.

“…My songwriting tends to be soulful, sensual and fantasy-like in nature; driven by my passion for the guitar. I am influenced mostly, but not exclusively, by classic rock, alternative rock, R&B and Soul. My music is an eclectic mix of genres, that is very alt rock/soul rock in nature. I follow my heart and intuition, and in this way, my musical gift speaks to me, and then I share it. And, that is how the creative process works for me…”

“…powerful rock hooks, and the lyrical content from this young woman is reminiscent of powerful female rockers…” Review by Kimberly Weiss, Band Reviews @ Music Connection Dayton.

CMLive Sophia Radisch interview @ Canadian Music Week 2018 –

Sophia is a wonderful actor to work with, she takes directions really well and comes prepared understanding her character. She likes to fully understand her character and what the character needs to achieve in front of the camera. She is also able to adapt to changes on set, besides the talent her outgoing personality made her a favourite on set, and all the crew members took great pleasure in working with her. I have high hopes for her. Writer/Director/Producer “The Helping Hands” PSA Anti-Bulling
Richmond Obeng
I had the pleasure of being the cinematographer for a number of Sophia’s auditions and I feel she is one of the most talented young actors and singers I have seen. I truly feel that she is the future for Canadian music industry. she has a professional work ethic that reflects someone well beyond her years. her youthful and bubbly personality makes her a joy to work with.
Filmmaker Richard Groen Eaglewolf productions. richard groen
Sophia arrives prepared and rehearsed. She takes direction quickly, and her enthusiasm is infectious. She is well-liked by everyone, and she works hard.
Jim Miles CEO Enterprise Information Systems Inc.
Sophia Radisch is a highly talented and dedicated individual whose passion for a quality product is contagious to those around her. Her dynamic personality and wide range of abilities allows her to be suitably cast for a variety of roles ranging from comedy to drama. Sophia’s professionalism is refreshing and working with her is always a satisfying experience!
James Fleming, B.A.H., B.Ed. Director of Operations The Meus Productions Director of Operations, The Meus Productions
Sophia’s natural charisma and drive lead me to cast her in “Thirteen Downs”. Her ability to take direction and use the motivation she was given to develop her character, during her audition and on set, made it that much exciting to work with her. Even at the young age of 13, she was able to demonstrate professionalism, raw emotion and striking talent, musically and theatrically. Sophia is a natural born performer.
Karim Ayari, Writer/Director | Thirteen Downs - Feature Film
Sophia Radisch. Remember that name. She’s a singer, a songwriter and an actress whose many gifts are filtered through a sunburst of pure energy that makes you wonder what they’re feeding 14-year-olds these days! That’s right, fourteen, and she’s already got it going on. Not just another karaoke-glutted parrot, Sophia knows who she is and won’t relax until the whole world gets it. She’s centred, smart, funny and, in my opinion, a star. It will be joyous thing to watch this career, and this vibrant young life, unfold.
Larry Wayne Clark Songwriter/publisher/producer
Sophia blows my mind. She’s 14 going on 25. She’s got a “look,” but much more importantly, she has the talent. She’s smart and ballsy (and utterly charming on stage); she can act dramatic parts with total conviction, sing from the heart, and make the world fall in love with her. Five or six years from now, when the world does know about her, I’ll be proud to say I gave her her first glass of wine!
Cheers, love — Richard, with admiration and affection. Richard
Richard Flohil and Associates